Monday, August 3, 2015

Bet Ya Thought I Ran Away to Tahaiti

I am here!  Between my Husband going to school for a degree inEnvironmental Science, watching an Autistic little boy 3 times a week.  Little league and it's duties being never ending, starting soccer, Advocare and all my beauties and then.... um my new full time work at home job which started today.  I now get to juggle all the craziness with y'all.

There is NEVER a down moment especially with Hubs Band, softball, and season football tickets.  Oh wait... AND our 17 year old God Daughter has moved in.  While this will help me with work and work projects it also brings more food and mess.

I came from a family of one.  Yes really.  I used to see a mess and thought I have to clean that or my Mom will yell, or I have to do this so she will save her body and bones and live longer.  No joke.

So here is the actual point and question... Is it wrong to give all the kiddos chores?  I never got rewarded I was told:

Monday: Empty all garbage cans in the house and take can to curb
Tuesday: Dust
Wednesday: Vacumn
Thursday: Bathrooms

This started around age 6/7.  With my kids I am lucky to get a bowl in the sink and the day is just a tornado of mess and don't remind me of the piss smell in all three bathrooms.

So with my new job I feel I need to stick them to some responsibility, but I also go back to my childhood and wonder when do you start and how much?  For me and our life I was thinking maybe empty dishwasher, take out garabge if it isn't heavy, wipe down kitchen table or counters.  There is no hard and fast rule, but there also isn't a book on how much you baby them and how much you let them just be kids (especially for the 17 year old.)



  1. Bring me all the bathroom garbages, set the table, put your own laundry away (possibly supervise but let them do it as much as you can), feed the animals and take out the recycle. Those are some of the simpler ones we have the littles do. Just some ideas. FYI. I want to know secret news. Yes I still read this blog. When you post. XOXO.

  2. ^---i read your blog too!!!

    Callum has chores and instead of money he gets to put a marble in his jar for each chore he does (once all marbles are gone, he can choose an activity like going bowling or movies or pick out a new toy. He feeds the dog every morning and night, puts the dog outside before school, puts the dishes in the dishwasher after dinner, take out/bring in little garbage can on garbage day, pick up his play room every night before bed, vacuum/dust on sat am and clean out toothpaste from sink (THAT drives me CRAZY lol). He loves putting in marbles. Often hell ask me to help out another way so he can put another marble in :) Trying to raise him to be a cleaner unlike his daddy :D


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