Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Food Food Feed Me!

The struggle while off challenge is real, I really should just stick to the burn phase, but my love or some carbs and cheese creates this urge to try out some new recipes and um add cheese.
These Flatout Wraps are SOOOooooooOOOO good.  Inside is greek yogurt ranch, 1 oz of avocado, 2 oz of Boars Head deli honey turkey #yum lettuce, tomato and well um Franks Red Hot Sauce Nom NOM NOM NOM!!!!!

Oh you know,  just a popsicle for breakfast. Mandarin Orange Spark and Vanilla shake makes the most mouth watering combination evah!!!!!!

And this is where my love of cheese comes in.  Yup that mozzarella melted on the 4 oz. of Whole Foods 90/10 beef and my bruschetta which is just tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and fresh basil.  It's topped with TJs balsamic reduction which um if you don't have it… get in the car NOW.

Mama's banana thief.  TJs plain non fat greek yogurt, Costco quaker granola, Banana and a honey drizzle.  Yums!!!

When you find your local grocery store now sells Taco Bell mild sauce in a bottle you totes take a low carb tortilla and flip in around in some spray oil and use your crockpot salsa chicken and greek yogurt and make a sinful meal NON-SINFUL!

Gym time!  Sorry yup I DO love food more then most people.  True story. Kindergarten side pony braid for the W.

It's a biggie lunch.  You can be jealous that my son loves greek yogurt ranch and bell peppers.  I would so eat that lunch.  Bento Madness!

Adding in that cheese on Mission Carb Balance tortillas with salsa chicken and of course greek yougurt.

Yup the cheese again.  Oh man!  My Mrs. Dash extra lean taco meat with an ounce of sharp cheddar to the mix.

What Have We Been Eating and Doing?

I know, I know… you have been missing my food porn I just know it.  We are busy busy over here with lots and lots of baseball.  My 24 day challenge went great, but know the real struggle begins how to stay on point while off the challenge.  I started a diet bet with Mama Laughlin so I better get back on my supplements and eat clean.  But wait… it's my Birthday week eeeeeekkkk.  In the words of the Hubs "uhhhhh who starts a diet bet on their Birthday week?"  Strange goal seeking people that's who!  But I will start my diet next week. Heheheehe.
Bunless burgers with dijon, a fridge pickle and pickled red onions.

Little League opening day, check out these stud muffins.

What a difference 3 years can make! Check out that transformation oh and UHHHHHHH that dress!  Love that dress.  Please ignore the awful flower and outfit from 3 years ago #whatwasithinking

Crockpot chicken chile verde.  Secret?  Green enchilada sauce.  And wait, BROWN mexican rice.  Tomato sauce, white onion, and chicken broth.  Brown the rice and onion in a little spray oil, add a few tablespoons of tomato sauce and cook for about a minute over medium heat.  Add in the proper amount of broth (minus a tad) for the amount of rice you are cooking stick the lid on and don't touch it for 15 min.  You are welcome!  Thanks to my MIL for this one.

Turkey tenderloin with a mustard, onion, mushroom sauce.  And it's pretty much just that.  Some pan drippings, onions, mushrooms, water, and dijon mustard.

A throwback to what might be my first bathroom mirror selfie after losing 30 pounds.  Who know how far I would come?

www.ruffleswithlove.com use code FITMAMA for 15% off

Gym time.  Hey you… Yes you… Love where you are, be proud of what you have accomplished this is for you people busting your booties and we just don't see it yet.

Greek yogurt ranch and celery stealer!!!! #proteinsnack

What's that?  Oh just our new trailer which has BUNK BEDS and an outdoor kitchen.  I guess you know where we will be this Summer.

Happiness is baseball gloves times 3 in our new trailer.

Camping fun with our neighbors and these sweet baby girl twins.

What isn't to love about camping?  Oh I know… when you come home and try to cut out stickers from your Maggie Pie and she moves and you cut her skin so bad she needles staples?  That is called a DOG MOM FAIL!

4 chicken breasts, a crockpot and a cup of Frank's Red Hot Wing Sauce.  End of story. 

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