Monday, April 27, 2015

Salads, Hot Sauce and Avocado Oh My!

I have an addiction to hot sauce. Even not on challenge I still love my darn hot sauce and um what isn't to love about avocado?!?!?! I freaking love avocado. So let's make some clean eating delicious salads.

Black beans, extra lean taco meat and salsa mixed with a little clean ranch dressing.

Snack time! Smushed up avocado with of course hot sauce and cucumbers.

My crockpot salsa chicken, I always have that stuff on hand. Topped with Greek yogurt ranch and of course salsa.

Clean Cobb salad. Chicken, turkey bacon, hard boiled egg and Greek yogurt ranch dressing.

Grilled onions, 3 oz of grass fed beef topped with a couple prawns topped with a balsamic glaze.

Food porn! Mamas clean salads.
Salsa chicken, guac, Greek yogurt and a delicious salsa from my fav Mexican restaurant.

You have to try and keep it fun, these salads have me never missing anything while on challenge, but even better is I feel good eating like this.

Taco salad on the go!

Hot sauce hot sauce hot sauce!

Burn day eggs with chicken sausage avocado, bell pepper and onions topped with pico de gallo and hot sauce.

Fruit and fat snack. Guacamole and cucumbers. For the salad cantaloupe, cucumber, strawberries, mint, basil, and balsamic vinegar.

Yet another taco salad.

Brown rice, taco meat and you guessed it avocado and hot sauce.

Garbanzo beans, red onion, tomato, basil, pepper, and rice with vinegar.

Shredded Chicken Poblano

Roast a poblano pepper and clean out the inside. I stuffed it will 4 oz of my crockpot salsa chicken. Which is just chicken boobies and a jar of red salsa cooked on low for 8 hours and then shredded up.

I topped it with some spiced up tomatoe sauce. Hot sauce, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder. Then some avocado, cilantro and Greek yogurt. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Asian Ginger Shrimp with a Peanut Sauce Over Cucumber Noodles

Be prepared for me to rock your world!

1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp light soy sauce
3 tsp water
1 clove of minced garlic
1 dash of dry ginger
1 dash of cayenne pepper
Juice of half a lime

5 oz. cucumber spiraled
3 cherry tomatoes
1 green onion
2 mint leaves
1 large basil leaf
Small palm full of cilantro
1 oz. yellow bell pepper
(you can change up the veggies however you wish, but the mix of herbs is amazing)

4 oz. cleaned and peeled large shrimp
1 tsp. minced garlic
Dash of Cayenne pepper
1 tsp fresh ginger
Juice of half a lime

Sirracha optional to top

Spiralize your cucumber

Dice your veggies!

Combine all sauce ingredients until smooth and refridgerate
Build the salad

Add all ingredients to the shrimp minus the lime and cook until pink on both sides (about 3 minutes).  Finish off with the lime juice.

Top the salad with the shrimp

Top with the sauce and some additional herbs for color and drizzle sirracha if you wish.  I put the shrimp on here warm… Going forward I would chill them and make this a cold salad which could be made ahead and perfect for lunches on the go.


Ruffles With Love

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meal Prepping

So I had a challenger ask me if she could pay me to prep her meals. My quick response was UM YES! It went well so I decided to throw it out there for others. Not just challenge food, but healthy balance food all prepped and ready to go.

Here is a look at how my Monday went.

Grocery shopping!!!!

mushroom and asparagus risotto (not challenge approved)

Grilling up some poblanos and asparagus.

Prepping some burgers, chicken and turkey tenderloins for the grill. All are seasoned with Flavor God seasoning.

This turkey becomes this...
I grilled up mushrooms and onions then add a little low sodium beef stock and Dijon mustard to deglaze the pan to create my mustard sauce. This meal is completely Advocare 24 day challenge friendly and low carb.

I marinated my shrimp in lime, garlic and cilantro overnight. They turned into this...

Again this is completely Advocare 24 day challenge friendly. I served it with a creamy green salsa.

For the black beans I added garlic, cumin, lime, cilantro, and tomatoes.

This is my prized jewel. Meat loaf and cauliflower mash. I mixed 2 pounds of beef in a bowl with 3 tbs of dehydrated onions, 1 tbs garlic powder, 1 tbs onion powder, and this time I included a handful of fresh parsley, basil, and oregano. I portioned them out in 4 and 6 oz. portions and baked them at 350 for 20 min.

For the mash. I steamed two heads of cauliflower in my amazing new microwave steamer. I put those bad boys in my food processor add 5 cloves of garlic I had roasted, some chives, and onion powder. Normally I would add Greek yogurt but on cleanse that is not allowed and I am still on cleanse.

This is a turkey stuffed pepper. For the sauce I used a can of no salt tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes, chili powder, hot sauce, fresh cilatro, garlic and onion powder in a pot. I cooked it down to thicken it up. 

For the meat mixture I used one pound of  ground turkey, red onion, white onion, garlic, cilantro and a few spoon fulls of the sauce. My initial plan was to keep the meat raw and bake them, but I got worried about the doneness of the meat and serving it to other people so I browned the meat on the stove top to make sure it was cooked then filled the peppers and spooned the sauce over. Again this is challenge friendly and CLEAN!!!

4 oz. of diced up grilled chicken, 1/2 cup of brown rice noodles. Pearl tomtoes, yellow bell pepper, red onion, pepper, and lemon vinegar. Um yum for another challenge recipe ready to go.

I also cooked up some chicks fajita bowls with brown rice in the bottom served with a couple of sauces.

At the end of the day my kitchen looked like this! I delivered meals to 6 clients at $10 a meal. Hum, maybe losing my job wasn't the worst thing to have happen. When one door closes, another opens.

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