Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cabo Day 4

On day 4 all we did was EAT and shop, which is UM my kind of day.  Heheehehehehehehe!!!
First up for BREAKFAST, be quiet don't judge!  We found some amazing street tacos hidden somewhere off the beaten path for about 70 cents each complete with all these awesome toppings.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.
After some shopping we headed over to what I think was one of our favorite places for lunch.  The Alexander which is right on the marina, has wifi, and the most amazing staff.  The place was clean and everything was delicious.
They made us caesar salad right at our table which was to die for.  From now one I will ALWAYS make own caesar like the do.  Don't ya worry a blog and a recreation of this salad will be coming VERY soon.
Next up coconut shrimp!  So delish.  That's another dish I have never made and want to try.

The margaritas and ceviches were to die for!  I took a picture of the menu because YES YES you will see these bad boys soon too!
This was the tropical.  So good and I am assuming way low cal not that it mattered paired with the margarita!
Shrimp cocktail
Oh and the love of my life all dressed up for dinner at our all inclusive place.
That DRESS!  Oh that dress you ask? It's from Lucy and Lyla they TOTALLY spoiled me with SO much cute stuff.  I am so excited to wear this dress again.  It was perfect for Mexico.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Beach usie!  Then the Hubs snapped a pic of me, well because he is cute and loves me.
You won't see pictures of dinner from the mexican restaurant because frankly the food was just ok.  However our desserts were heavenly.  The chocolate thing had flourless chocolate cake and caramel inside!
The Hubs had tres leche cake, I am not the biggest fan of it but this was a pretty good one.  At least we made it to dinner this night.  #allthefood #icantbelieveionlygained2pounds

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