Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cabo Day 2

We went on a mission to find THE best fish/shrimp tacos and we succeeded. It was a little off the path and exactly what we were looking for. They bring the tacos plain, just tortilla and seafood (breaded or not breaded) and then you doctor it up at the topping bar. The tacos were about $2 each and the beers were less then $2 a piece. You can't beat that.

The place was called Los Claros and is for sure a spot to hit.

A morning shot from our little paradise. 

We finished off the day with some shopping and finding the cutest sign eva for my gallery wall. Thanks to the Hubs for his fantastic bartering skills. 
I came up with the brilliant idea of taking a water taxi back to the hotel instead of a cab. Hey we saved $4! Problem was the waves were real rough by our hotel so they couldn't go that far so they had us literally jump off about 20 minutes away. Pefect right? I mean who doesn't want to walk the beach? Um negative. This is no normal beach. Maybe the hurricane maybe not who knows but you literally sink to your calves each step. 

I will never ever forget that walk. It was about 5000 steps BUT felt like 20k. All the while we are cracking up at my attempt to save $4. Needless to say we will never forget it and I got my walk on the beach and made this guy smile.

We ended up at the pool bar in this cute suit (thanks to my Sissy for the loan) where we met some fun couples from Washington.

We rounded the night with dinner at the Krystal Restaurant in the hotel. It was pretty good, not amazing but good.

Showing off the botty work I have been doing. Hehehehe.

This was way yum. It was a crispy shrimp salad with a mango vinegarette. I will
For sure be trying to recreate this.

Sea bass #onpoint it had an Asian glaze. Yummers.

Lobster risotto. Lobster was so good risotto was just ok.

I couldn't resist posting this, not because it was good but because I seriously laughed out loud the next morning when I saw it on my camera roll. I'm sorry but if you didn't for one second think this resembled the toilet then we clearly can't be friends. 

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  1. Oh my goodness - we are supposed to be heading to the Santa Fe in 2 weeks. I've heard it's not open yet though and they are upgrading people to the Palace. Do you know if this is still the case? I really don't care, I am just thrilled to be going back to Cabo - my husband and I love it there!!! ENJOY!


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