Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Advocare Holiday Bundle

All bundles are well under $100. The average American gains 10 pounds over the Holidays. Who needs that?!?! 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cabo Day 4

On day 4 all we did was EAT and shop, which is UM my kind of day.  Heheehehehehehehe!!!
First up for BREAKFAST, be quiet don't judge!  We found some amazing street tacos hidden somewhere off the beaten path for about 70 cents each complete with all these awesome toppings.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.
After some shopping we headed over to what I think was one of our favorite places for lunch.  The Alexander which is right on the marina, has wifi, and the most amazing staff.  The place was clean and everything was delicious.
They made us caesar salad right at our table which was to die for.  From now one I will ALWAYS make own caesar like the do.  Don't ya worry a blog and a recreation of this salad will be coming VERY soon.
Next up coconut shrimp!  So delish.  That's another dish I have never made and want to try.

The margaritas and ceviches were to die for!  I took a picture of the menu because YES YES you will see these bad boys soon too!
This was the tropical.  So good and I am assuming way low cal not that it mattered paired with the margarita!
Shrimp cocktail
Oh and the love of my life all dressed up for dinner at our all inclusive place.
That DRESS!  Oh that dress you ask? It's from Lucy and Lyla they TOTALLY spoiled me with SO much cute stuff.  I am so excited to wear this dress again.  It was perfect for Mexico.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Beach usie!  Then the Hubs snapped a pic of me, well because he is cute and loves me.
You won't see pictures of dinner from the mexican restaurant because frankly the food was just ok.  However our desserts were heavenly.  The chocolate thing had flourless chocolate cake and caramel inside!
The Hubs had tres leche cake, I am not the biggest fan of it but this was a pretty good one.  At least we made it to dinner this night.  #allthefood #icantbelieveionlygained2pounds

Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Essentials for Productivity

Kabbage is an online provider of small business loans. The were curious about my 5 essentials for productivity. My productivity huh?  I don't work.  I wipe butts, feed mouths, shuffle kids to school, grocery shop, clean, deal with mini meltdowns, and consider fighting little boys my background music to life.

So what could I possibly be productive at? But the more I sat back and thought I realized that maybe, just maybe I do have some essentials that could help someone and I guess considering I have been maintaining and losing weight for the last couple years and have fallen in love with the gym that my 5 essentials could be useful to someone!

#1 Plan ahead and Log it

Plan those meals. Pack them the night before and log them to be sure they are in your calorie range.  The very best way of blowing a day is by not planning and pulling over at some fast food joint.  I find it a FUN challenge to pack up the most bang for my calories.  Cram in all sorts of food and still be around 650 calories for breakfast, lunch, and two snacks. Beyond logging your food log your weight and progress, good or bad.  Note the bad down below. Whomp whomp.  I successfully gained exactly 2 pounds in 6 days in Cabo San Lucas.  #winning #worthit #sureiwillhaveanothermargarita

2. Try and Make New Things

Change up those breakfast shakes or bars! (you know you want to try the new Advocare gingerbread bar!  Message me for details.)  Add some fruit to your yogurt or change up that Broccoli.

Roasted Garlic and Lemon Broccoli

4 cups of broccoli
2 tbsp. olive oil (I used lemon)
4 cloves of minced garlic
Salt and pepper to taste (I always use a fancy salt this was edible flower)
1/4 of parmesan (I only had the cheapy next time I will use fresh)
Juice of 1 lemon (only had that squeezy bad boy, it did the job.)

Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl.  Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray and bake for 12 minutes at 425 degrees 

3. Make Mini Goals, Be Proud and Celebrate Them

I do fashion Friday or Dress up Thursday.  Why?  Because I am proud!  Because I have met goals and am reaching for new ones.  So even if you are not exactly where you want to be, be proud of how far you have come. Dress up, buy a pair of jeans in a smaller size and be proud of YOU. 

For me putting on makeup and a cute outfit can make my day brighter.  Even if you haven't washed your hair for three days and putting it up in a bun in order to get the kids to school, the dog to the groomer, and yourself to work was the only way to make it happen.  I still managed to get dressed up to feel good about myself and duh snap a selfie.  #firstletmetakeaselfie

Necklace is from Our World Boutique outfit no freaking lie is from the thrift store (shirt Forever 21 $2).  Minus the boots which I got last fall for $20 at Ross.  #imgonnapopsometags #canwegothriftshopping

4. Get Into a Gym Routine and/or Keep Moving

I wear a fitbit zip pretty much 24 hours a day 365 days a year.  Why?  Because at the end of the day I want to be sure I put in my work #doworkson I want to be sure I walked close to or above 10,000 steps.

Beyond just walking staying accountable to my gym routine is huge part of my life.  Not only is it something for me, I enjoy it.  I love my classes, I love the way I feel when I am done and I get to watch my body change by putting in the hard work on my very own.

Pants are from Glyder Apparel. use code FITMAMA for 20% off.  These pants are my go to all time favs, their shirts are amazing too.

5. In Moderation

Yes that IS an In n Out Burger.  Do I eat it?  Well hell YES I do!!!!!!  Do I get fries?  No way Jose just a nice big iced tea.  Do I get a bun?  Sometimes.  Do I get cheese?  Yes usually if I don't get a bun.  Have what you want give into those temptations every once in awhile. 

Have something that feels like a treat.  Why?  Because your whole life can't be a diet, it's a lifestyle and I for one am going to have a cookie every once in awhile. 

Make it work.  Eat well for breakfast and lunch and treat yourself to some Mexican food and a couple Coronas for dinner, but count out the chips to about 10 do not eat the whole damn basket you are not the garbage can. 

Depriving yourself day in and day out will only lead to binge eating and falling off the wagon.  So give in sometimes and pick back up the next day and have a nice healthy day and workout. 

I am going to use my very famous word yet again... BALANCE.  No you may not have fast food daily, but I love me a good couple crunchy tacos from Taco Bell every once in awhile or some nice cheese, crackers, and wine.  IN MODERATION!

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Cabo Day 3

Day three we woke up bright and early for a dune buggy adventure.  I must admit I was a little nervous.  I mean a 45 minute drive in a van to the middle of no where with no one but the driver.  But I took a deep breathe and hung on for the ride. 
When we got there we realized we were going to get our own private 3 hour tour.  Just us and the driver.  It was by far the best part of the trip.  I had a blast going over jumps and going through the desert and the ocean.  It was the perfect adventure for us.  By the time it was over I had wet sand on pretty much my entire body.


We got back to our resort and showered and put on our bathing suits and cover ups.  We headed down to the Italian restaurant for lunch where I ordered some mushroom lasagna that I couldn't even stomach and the Hubs had this pasta which was pretty good.

Afterwards we headed to the swim up bar and drank some vodka sodas, watched the ocean and met some incredibly funny people.  They were a blast and had me laughing so hard, they made me wish I lived in Cinncitati.

Tina was a blast and then their was Barbie, my new adopted Mom who looked like she was 55, but really she was 70 and still working as a lawyer.  Then Rodger and Dan such a cute couple.  One a hairdresser and the other a flight attendant. Such fun fun fun people, I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. They called us Ken and Barbie (they must have had some serious beer goggles on hahahahaha.)

4 hours and 5 or so vodka drinks later (what? Sorry we were kidless and they are all free #fail) we went up to lay down in our bed before our dinner reservation at 8 pm.  We awoke at 1:30 am and realized we missed our reservation.  What's a girl to do?  Turkey sandwiches and potato chips delivered to the room eaten in bed with the love of my life.  Not the steak house, but pretty memorable none the less.  Having the freedom to do whatever we wanted was pretty damn cool.  Another priceless day full of memories.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cabo Day 2

We went on a mission to find THE best fish/shrimp tacos and we succeeded. It was a little off the path and exactly what we were looking for. They bring the tacos plain, just tortilla and seafood (breaded or not breaded) and then you doctor it up at the topping bar. The tacos were about $2 each and the beers were less then $2 a piece. You can't beat that.

The place was called Los Claros and is for sure a spot to hit.

A morning shot from our little paradise. 

We finished off the day with some shopping and finding the cutest sign eva for my gallery wall. Thanks to the Hubs for his fantastic bartering skills. 
I came up with the brilliant idea of taking a water taxi back to the hotel instead of a cab. Hey we saved $4! Problem was the waves were real rough by our hotel so they couldn't go that far so they had us literally jump off about 20 minutes away. Pefect right? I mean who doesn't want to walk the beach? Um negative. This is no normal beach. Maybe the hurricane maybe not who knows but you literally sink to your calves each step. 

I will never ever forget that walk. It was about 5000 steps BUT felt like 20k. All the while we are cracking up at my attempt to save $4. Needless to say we will never forget it and I got my walk on the beach and made this guy smile.

We ended up at the pool bar in this cute suit (thanks to my Sissy for the loan) where we met some fun couples from Washington.

We rounded the night with dinner at the Krystal Restaurant in the hotel. It was pretty good, not amazing but good.

Showing off the botty work I have been doing. Hehehehe.

This was way yum. It was a crispy shrimp salad with a mango vinegarette. I will
For sure be trying to recreate this.

Sea bass #onpoint it had an Asian glaze. Yummers.

Lobster risotto. Lobster was so good risotto was just ok.

I couldn't resist posting this, not because it was good but because I seriously laughed out loud the next morning when I saw it on my camera roll. I'm sorry but if you didn't for one second think this resembled the toilet then we clearly can't be friends. 

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