Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blooming Lily

It's Thursday dress up day again.  This super cute shirt came from

It stretchy and cozy and perfect for a fall day.  I even got a compliment on it at the twins school by another Mom.  Got to love that.  Go check them out.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Balance Take Two...

Remember when I told you Fitmama died?  Well I was wrong.  Gassssppp!  Yes I just said that,  I WAS WRONG.  Take a picture because I won't say that often.

It took therapy, panic attacks, hypnosis, some depression, anxiety drugs, and finally a psychiatrist with lots of fancy degrees on the wall to say to me what I told myself a month ago.  BALANCE.  

See here is the deal, when I thought Fitmama should die I put all my effort into my family.  Great right?  Yes and no.  What this fancy doctor told me (which I guess I already knew) is that I cannot be a great wife and Mother unless I have something for me.  What he also told me was that my eyes lit up when I talked about my family and also my fitness journey, my changes, my followers, my girls on challenge, and my new love for fashion.  I told him how I would like to some day be a nutritionist and that coming up with new recipes made me smile.

So while I was over here being lonely, playing pity party, not playing dress up, eating crappy, worrying about crap that won't happen for years to come, hardly showering and pretending I was back to the days I was up to my eyes in diapers hoping the old me would come back magically... it was the wrong thing to do.

See I changed, but what I know now is that it's ok.  I changed because I needed to.  I needed to find the part of me I was missing.  Fitmama may have more confidence, may care about her looks more, but guess what?  She is still a good Mama and wife too when the BALANCE is there.  Killing her killed a part of me I worked hard for.

So with all that being said I plan to jump back in a little more.  I can't go back to the 200 pound Mom she doesn't exist any more.  But I would like to think that I am a remodeled, upgraded version of her.  Everyone grows and changes, I just need to make sure it doesn't change the real me or my family.

Will I get my instagram back?  No, but you will be able to peek in on me on Facebook Why?  Because this IS important to me and eating this crap food and not sharing my meals with you all is really starting to show and I don't want to go back to how I used to feel about myself.  I love the gym and I haven't gone in 5 days because of this funk.  Feeling sorry for myself and sitting at home with just my kids is doing nothing for my happiness or theirs.  They need me to be happy so that I can be a better Mom for them.

So with all that being said, lets play catch up because you know ya missed all my crazy pics and boy oh boy have I missed posting them.  Some will never get what I mean by any of this and that's ok you don't have to get it.  Some don't like to share their life and journey, but guess what? I do.  I am proud of my family, my life and journey and if I can help just one person and myself then I feel I have a purpose.

Playing dress up with this guy.  Want to know the coolest thing ever?  This guy loves me.  Like really honest to goodness loves me.  Through my ups and downs, mistakes and triumphs.  I know whole heartedly that he wants to be right here holding me no matter what, on good days, on bad days, on crying days, on poor me days, and that is love and I am so blessed and thankful for that.

Lets be honest.  I like Summer and already miss it.  But this rain jacket cuteness helps a little.
Yes that would be my weight.  Whomp whomp.  Told ya it went up.  But here I am back on track (I hope.)
Our Daddy went away on a hunting trip, I guess I am a sissy because we really missed him and missed that we couldn't talk or text him.  

Only the cutest craft ever.  Love ya Spawn 2.

Shouldn't I have learned by now what creates this bubble madness?  See I wasn't lying.  I haven't put on makeup in 2 weeks.  This changes tomorrow!

Our first jog a thon, field trip, and school bus ride.

Worst day.  Cavities for a 5 year old is NOT the business.

So guess what?  My Husband surprised me with a trip to Cabo.  He did all the research, helped to find sitters.  I am still in disbelief it is actually going to happen and don't get me started on the anxiety of the flight or leaving the kids and dogs, BUT I KNOW WE need it.  Him and I.  We need the connection, the smiles, the break from the kids.  We need to take some time for us and our marriage.

Our Cabo theme song.

Miss Maggie is growing like a weed.

I have missed you all.  Thanks for all the emails and support.  I am glad to be back in the swing of things somewhat.  Come find me on Facebook.  

Friday, October 10, 2014


What is that?  ONLY the cutest necklace evah!!!!!!!!!!!

I am honored to wear this necklace from Jill and 4 her girls. Her girls are her reason for creating one of a kind sweet "Sprinklings" She has been making them for 4 years for family and friends and recently started a facebook page last year! It's her passion and her little girls are her inspiration behind every creation! Go check them out!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Better Me for Them, a Balance

I have been thinking for weeks about how this post would go.  What I would say, what I wouldn't say, if I should or if I shouldn't.

I started this blog to document my journey.  My food, my weight loss, my exercise and how I did it.  Over time it morphed more into my real life.  So I found it only fair that I share a little of what has been going on.

Clearly I will spare the details of my personal life and the very rough few weeks I have had, but I want to let you know that fitmama has died, or maybe is taking a long nap or eh maybe dead. RIP be-otch.

I started this journey to lose weight, but along the way I did more and parts of me changed.  Some of these things good, but others bad.  This journey started to be "a better me for them!"  I wanted to play on the floor with them, and run with them, help my Husband on his weight loss journey, and live a long healthy life with them.  I didn't start this to be a "motivation".  But what I also found was that I became that and it gave me confidence.  Good right?  Not really.

I don't need confidence to be a good Mom.  I don't need followers or to be a motivation to be a good Mom or wife.  What I found was that my instagram was getting attention when my family should have been.  What I found was I was responding to readers when I should have be doing more crafts with my children.  What I found was I was looking at my phone and liking my friends posts while I was at dinner with my Husband.

This journey was the one and only thing I took alone.  This journey was something I stuck to day in and day out with no one to be accountable to then myself.  It was MINE.  One thing for me.  My loss, my new body, my followers, my blog, my success, MINE all mine.  At first it is what I thought I needed, but in another sense it was selfish because it took from them and frankly Moms don't get to be selfish.

Don't get me wrong I tear up when I get emails from followers complimenting me on my journey or telling me they started because of me.  Calling me inspiring, or motivational.  It makes me smile, but guess what?  What I wanted more was to have a family and a happy one.  A Husband who is proud of me and kids who look up to me and this journey well they didn't care about that.  They looked up to me for doing crafts with them or asking about their day at work or coming out to support their band or helping in their classroom.  They didn't care that I gained 1,000 followers yesterday or got a new sponsor or lost 90 pounds.

So what I found was that my success was also a failure and that those I love the most found my journey selfish.  I wasn't being a better me for them.  I was doing it for me.  This could go both ways right? Some of you may be thinking what is wrong with that?  And you are right, but what I now will learn is BALANCE.

My next step in this journey is balancing a little of me with a lot of them.  THEY are my priority.  Will this blog die?  NOPE.  Will I run out and eat a Whopper with cheese?  Hummmm… I wish but NO!  Will I still hope I can some day do a 5k?  Yup.  Will I still go to the gym 3-4 days a week and try to eat right?  YES.  Because this was what I wanted, to be healthy.  But my attention to the blog will be given early in the morning before they wake.  Will emails get answered?  Yup but only during a certain time slot.  Will I still coach girls on their journey?  HELL YUP, but they may have to wait a couple hours for me to respond to their text.  Because what I have learned is that I do need something for me, but they need me more.  I never want to look back and say "I wish I tried harder."

Balance; an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

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