Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Longest Most Emotional Week Ever

First off let me just apologize for falling off the earth this last week. I promise you I have good reason and here I am trying to recap the longest most emotional week of my life.
I ended my 10 day cleanse down the 4 summer pounds I gained which was awesome. 
I put together all these amazing outfits last Saturday for our 10 year anniversary get away trip about 45 minutes away up valley and couldn't wait to spark up my marriage and make some memories. Sad part is I only wore 2 of them.

But not before I could squeeze in a little kidless friend outing in beautiful downtown Napa at a Blue, Brews, and BBQ festival. 

Little did I know that my little town and life was about to be rocked to all Hell, but I am so thankful for that fun couple hours enjoying our historic downtown which will NEVER be the same.
We headed up valley just honey, myself and Miss Maggie. The little spawn were all set at my Grandma's house in Petaluma which was 45 min from home.
We selfied it up and were so excited to be kidless for 48 hours enjoying eachother and FOOD! We even had plans to take a hike Sunday morning which is totally out of Spawn Makers element and made me smile.

We had an amazingly delicious anniversary dinner and settled in to bed, again about 45 miles North of home.
Pork belly um yes please.

3:20 AM Sunday I woke up screaming "get in the door way get in the door way"  as the sound of a train barreling through shook me to my core. 

The shaking stopped as Spawn Maker and I tried to catch our breath. 

My phone rang it was my Mom. Are you ok? Are you ok? The kids! Click! My fingers had never dialed a phone so fast. My grandma answered the phone saying "Tiff we are ok, they are still sleeping!" Tears poured knowing they didn't have to feel this.
The next throught was oh my gosh where was this centered. San Francisco? It must be gone! Flipped on the TV and it's a 6.1 earthquake and the epicenter is American Canyon! Huh? My heart sank. I live in American Canyon (9 miles south of Napa.) My house, my other dog, my friends... Never have I packed so fast in my life. We are on an adrenaline rush at this point. 
We got in the car and headed home. At the time this seems like a good idea right? Well as we approached powerless Napa we spot fires, down power lines, cracked roads we even cross over bridges that hadn't been inspected. So ideally we probably made the wrong move but we made it home.
I have no idea what to expect as we open the door. Glass! Lots of glass and pictures down a few wall cracks. Everything out of all the bathroom cabinets. But mostly just a mess. At this point I realized how blessed we are that it's only a mess and that the kids nor is were in that house as it rocked and rocked and rolled!
As we continued to watch the news we realized that downtown Napa was hit the hardest. 100s of buildings red tagged and not useable. So so sad.
Mixed in with all of this one of my friends was found unconscious at the time of the quake, not related to the quake, but found because of the quake. She was put on life support and we were receiving frequent updates from other friends.
We spent about 4 hours cleaning up all the mess and glass all the while still being rocked by after shocks here and there. 

Evening was nearing so we decided to flee the madness and "try" to pick up our weekend in the next town over which wasn't harmed. We didn't get very far into it when we learned our friend had passed away. Rest in peace sweet Leigh. You were always willing to put everyone's needs before your own.

Monday came around and my God Daughter Elianna turned 17 years old. She has and always will be my baby girl and always will. 
School was cancelled for all of Napa county Monday and Tuesday. We headed over to my Grandma's to pick up our boys and treat them to the best pizza ever as I thanked my lucky stars they were sparred the feeling of the quake or seeing their house in shambles. They were spared the feeling of all the quake yuckiness or so I thought. 
Birthday ice cream with the girl.
Tuesday the 26th of August, happy 3rd birthday to spawn 3, Hudson! And good morning shakes. Never in my life have I screamed so loud. This time the spawn felt it, this time nerves were on edge. More things fell but no real damage other then my nerves.
When nerves are high and you don't want to be alone, you bake Birthday cupcakes and drink Mimosas with good friends. 

Then you take your Birthday boy to Chuck E. Cheese and spoil him.
Wednesday we try to go back to normal, but it's hard when your gym is red tagged, your office ceiling is caved in and your kids classrooms are destroyed. All normalcy is out the window as I cry like a baby leaving the twins in the multi purpose room instead of their class room wearing safety name tags. 
Thursday the 28th happy 10 year anniversary. 

10 roses for 10 years of life, family, babies, love, ups, and downs.
Emotions were high and I'm not going to lie I was realizing I was sad that our 10 year anniversary was so emotional and wasn't really a celebration. We tried to make the best of it while Elianna watched the boys and we grabbed a quick and yummy bite to eat. Oink!

The weekend continued to be emotional funerals, clean up, and life hiccups as all the pieces and lessons begin to slowly be put back together. 

Moving on Napa Strong, Family Strong. If anything I have learned how very much my little family of 5 means to me. Nothing or no one can rock us. Onwards and upwards no looking back.

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