Sunday, August 3, 2014

10 Day Cleanse

Summer is my FAVORITE time of year I literally countdown for it all year long.  I am a sunshine girl I would rather be hot then cold any day.  

Along with Summer seems to come less schedule, more backyard play, more BBQs, later nights, trips, and less consistency.

I have noticed my eating habits becoming very very loose.  I haven't been weighing things and the cheese is coming out more so is a nice cold beer in the backyard.

Yesterday morning I walked downstairs on a mission to make myself some breakfast.  You know me, some sort of greek yogurt or egg dish low on the carbs right?  Suddenly I found this piece of ice cold pizza in my mouth.  Which means 2 things: I had pizza for dinner the night before AND I am losing my discipline and self control which is NOT a good thing at ALL.

My body scale has been out of batteries for the last 3 weeks or so which also has something to do with it because often times if I see it creep up I can eat amaze balls for a few days then it will drop back down.

I am pretty sure the damage is something fierce because this Summer belly bloat is in full force.

So here it is… I AM GOING TO DO A 10 DAY CLEANSE.  Now that I put it out there there will be no going back.  Advocare says you can do them every 90 days and I just hit that mark.

I have a cleanse kit here and all I need to start, but I am going to wait a bit.  The twinsies start school August 13th and since it's their first real day of real school I know we want to take them to lunch or ice cream and I want to be able to fully share that with them.  Dumb I guess, but I don't want them to remember their first day of school when Mommy took them to ice cream and just sat and drooled over it.  Plus on cleanse it's a meal replacement shake for breakfast which to me is super convenient and easy so while I am getting in the swing of getting three kids up and two at school by 8:30 it will save me one less step of having to make myself breakfast.

So there it is!  NOW who wants to join me on a 10 day cleanse starting Around August 14th?

I couldn't help but share this super cute shirt from Ruffles with Love.  The back is to die for!  Use code FITMAMATO3 for 15% off your order.

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