Monday, July 28, 2014

Boobie Talk

Lets talk some boobies!  I have been in a boobie dilemma.  BK (before kids) and before fat my boobs were eh big B's small C's but not saggy. They were ok.

Fast forward! 225 pounds I became a 40 DD while um those were big and nice, I was gigantic and unattractive so who cared if the boobs were big?

Then go ahead and add in pregnancy times 3 and some breastfeeding times 3 and I was left with deflated water balloons.  THEN I lose weight and they become yup just an ugly empty balloon.

While focusing on losing weight I watched it happening but kind of put it out of my mind. Well the last few months it has been hitting me more. Especially with me being around my goal and not being able to target something that bothers me.

So for those of you who messaged me privately NO I did NOT get a boobie job.  I got a good bra! A $55 padded bra, a false advertising bra!  Today I went and got another!  BOOM!

Victoria Secret makes some nice little numbers that while um NO the chi-chis are really not there, you can pretend and they make your clothes look better.  I was told today I am a 34 C and thats the size of my latest bra.

Do I want a boob job?  Yup over the moon give it to me now!  Was I planning to have one in October?  Yup!  But Spawn Maker made me think a little and now I am on the fence.  I mean with these bras my clothes look more like I want and no one actually sees them. Other then out of the shower at home or the gym oh and in a bathing oh and in workout clothes....bleh.

Yes I am self conscious and yes I would love to have one less thing to be self conscious about.  It's also a very big and SELFISH surgery and while I do feel deserving of it I have to think about it a lot lot lot more.  It's extremely hard for me to do something for me.  Surgeries I am fine with, been there done that, but being selfish and doing something for ONLY me.  Never gone there.

So for now bring on the false advertising bra!

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