Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Camping Vacation

When I first started this blog it was mostly to post pictures of food and my progress, well it has come to my attention that many of you enjoy seeing these cute little boy faces and what we do in our day to day life so… ask and you will receive! 

So here's a glimpse at what a mini vay-cay looks like for us.  We wanted to go to Santa Cruz to the Boardwalk and hang by a pool and beach.  So a hotel right?  Nah not for us we go "glamping" you know… glamorous camping in our trailer at a KOA campground with all sorts of things for the kids to do.  Saves a ton of money vs. a hotel and also it makes for some pretty cool memories for the boys.

Ahhhh the three boys that make my world go round and round and round…. Which leads to Spawn 2 thinking it was pretty cool to spin me round and round on this in the playground.
While we camp we eat camp food!  This would be their first wiener roast.  I will spare you my bad wiener roast jokes. #yourwelcome Did I have a hot dog?  Yup.  With some low calorie chili a fresh tomato and onion and no bun of course.

However, I guess it didn't really matter how well I ate because I feasted on this bad boy!  Yes the perfect s'more complete with peanut butter.  Sorry NOT sorry!
Why yes yes I do model and wear chevron maxi dresses while glamping because well hello IT'S CHEVRON and insanely cute, flattering and totally comfy to slip on and play around it.  This amazing dress is from Pretty & Chic Boutique and rocks my world.  Go check it out right now this "sweet as can be maxi dress" is only $25.99 and if you use code "pretty20" you will save an additional 20% and you're welcome again.
No that is for sure no way in heck a deep fried twinkie.  Nope nope nope.
And this picture right here, well it would be my new favorites.  All the guys in my life all posing for one picture with a pretty rocking background at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  My shirt?  Yup way cute and also from Pretty & Chic Boutique This is the Lindsay top it's $18.99 and I am wearing a medium.  Don't forget the code "pretty20"

Spawn 1, 2, and 3 all having a blast on the rides oh and little tip for anyone visiting the Boardwalk get your passes at you can thank me later it's a SCREAMING deal.

Sometimes while camping we at healthy.  Extra lean ground sirloin, zucchini straight from our garden at home and some potatoes tucked in which the leftovers were used for home fries in the morning.  I had to make up for the s'more some how.

Clearly Spawn 3 loves to take pictures.  I even bribed him with a push up pop and this is the best I got. Oh well it's better then nothing.

Spawn 2 and 3 totally shocked us by climbing to the top of these giant palm trees.  I can't get over how brave and independent my amazing twin munchkins have become.

This bouncy pillow gave us lots of "steps" for me and some great fun and exercise for the boys.  Love these things, but word of advice take caution when jumping off it to the ground the ground is much harder then my knees anticipated.
The last leg of our trip was spent at Gilroy Gardens again tickets from seemed the best way to go.  I was completely impressed with the cleanliness and beauty of the park.  However I think I ate one of the worst burgers ever (no outside food or drink allowed) and the height limitations seemed sort of off.  
Take for example this ride.  It went slowly in a circle yes seriously in a circle with no ups and downs or jumps and spawn 3 wasn't tall enough AND spawn 1 and 2 needed an adult.  So I am not sure what that was about.  I will also mention that this park in my opinion is geared at kids age 2-6 which was great for us but may not be for other families.

So spawn 3 just played instead.

This one was interesting, jump giant paddling ducks.  I got my workout in here and quickly realized I was best at steering us in circles.  Took me the full ride until I sort of got the hang of it.

All in all we had a great time.  This is our only family vacation of the Summer and it turned out pretty well with tons of memories made.

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