Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Transformation Tuesday in a Different Way

Transformation Tuesday in a little different way. Featuring the lovies in my life.

Those babies right there were SO freaking wanted. So prayed for, so fought for, and if we are being honest here, very much paid for. 

Often times I am so down on myself and look around and think what the hell have you done? You have no job, you aren't really "good" at anything! But ya know what? I did that (along with spawn maker and a doctor)! 

When I set my mind to something I do it! I wanted to be a Mom and nothing would stop me or us for that matter, Spawn Maker was very supportive. it took us 5 years, 3 IVF cycles, 4 iui's, and 2 miscarriages but I NEVER gave up because when you want something bad enough you do not give up! 

Just like in my fitness journey there have been and still our set backs, (let's call them pizza and wine) but I didn't give up and I won't give up! Cause guess what? I AM good at something, not giving up!

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