Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Good Morning America Interview

Here it is guys, the much anticipated GMA post.  Had you asked me how it went after they left that day I would have said "amazing!" Ask me now and I have pits in my stomach.  

Let me admit one thing about myself.  I OVER ANALYZE like big time.  To the point where I can seriously work myself up. So at the the time I had yet to over analyze exactly what I said so I was on cloud nine and thought it went well.  But I sure as shit have now and my answers blew.  

A couple things threw me off, not that I am defending myself in anyway BUT they showed up an hour early.  Which meant I was getting ready with no spawn help and my nerves were already frazzled.  Spawn 3 decided in his nice clothes that he would explore our fire pit and the ashes inside.  Then the topper was that I was told the interview was mostly about ME and not as much about the app!  Wait say what?  I rehearsed more info about how online tools helped me and online support NOT my story. 

For the first segment we filmed me playing with the kids in our backyard.  Easy right?  Uhhhhh I thought so, but not so much.  Have you ever tried playing with your kids with cameras watching?  All the natural went out the window, because um I am NOT an actress and don't want to be.  Like should I be smiling?  Should I be talking?  So yup it became a tiny bit awkward.  

The topper was when all the spawn wanted to climb up the slide instead of slide down.  I'm standing there thinking "can I pull back on their shirts and get them down like I normally do?"  Then Spawn 2 picks up bark and begins throwing.  Totes something that happens EVERYDAY but WTF do you do while cameras are rolling?  I can't possible go all Mom monster voice on camera can I?  At this point Spawn 3 is screaming at Spawn 2 to put the bark down.  "Put it down Nooooowwwww!"  Yes Spawn 3 is loud and in charge.  So I had to go to spawn 2's side and do a half mommy voice.  All in all I am sure they will pick out the pleasant moments, however the bad ones may make for better TV.

Then came interview time.  The part I was dreading.  The part where I gave easy answers instead of heart felt real answers.  

For example I was asked in one word how do you feel now that you lost the weight?  My answer "happy!"  WTF thats not true!  That's not true AT ALL.  That is NOT how I feel about that.  I feel PROUD and ACCOMPLISHED!  Not freaking happy.  See?  You get it now?  Like I somehow just belted out the easy answers instead of the real ones.

Or how about this one… She asked me what clicked and made me love going to the gym?  Well my mind was still gearing it at online tools so I geared it towards support from online friends or something BUT um NOOOooooOOOOOoooo the real answer is "because once you see results it becomes addicting!" Because once I started seeing my body change I wanted to see it change more and more.

The other giant fail I guess is that I was expecting only to talk about the journey after kids when I used online tools so I was prepared to say on that journey I have lost 65 pounds well she asked me how much I had lost from my starting 225 and I said 80.  Well GREAT now all of America thinks I weigh 145 pounds when WE all know that I have worked my damn ass off to get down to that 135.  And speaking of that I never even mentioned how hard it really is and how you have to remain committed day in and day out.  Maybe I didn't get the chance, maybe I was still focusing on the online thing (dammit!) I never ever really mentioned that I want to inspire people and show them that if I can do it they can too! #canigetaredo?
The next part was to walk and talk more about the app.  This part went ok I think mostly because I didn't have to talk about myself as much.  However I will forever kick myself that I didn't wear a headband. 
And lastly they filmed me checking in with the app at my gym, that went fine because I didn't have to talk.  

My dress from Cakeplate

As of right now I have half a mind not to tell any of you people when this airs and instead take the following and pretend I said this: 

Making the decision to get healthy for my family was the best choice I ever made. YOU have to want it, nobody can do it for you, it's you and you alone. But once you reach your goal you will have you and you alone to be proud of.

You have to be ready to make the commitment to yourself day in and day out.  You have to be willing to be a little uncomfortable sometimes. And most of all remember that it will NOT be easy, but it will sure as heck will be worth it.  

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