Monday, March 3, 2014

It is NOT a Diet.

Definition of diet:


: to eat less food or to eat only particular kinds of food in order to lose weight : to be on a diet
This journey has done some amazing things for me.  I was queen of yo-yo and pills and things that could be a quick fix, but what I have come to realize is that shit can't solve your real problem.  I had to come full circle and give it my all!

What I had was an issue with sitting on my ass and eating delicious food.  There is no pill that will take that away.  I worked years to get fat and guess what... it sort of took me years to get un-fat too.  BUT what I did learn was that I can still eat amazing delicious food and that there is no such thing as a successful diet.  Only hard work and sacrifice, I had to learn this before I could be changed.

If you want to go on a diet go right ahead, but what you are saying is that it is temporary.  What you need is to look at your life completely different and live it differently in all sorts of aspects. It's NOT a temporary thing.  It's a forever thing!  Something you think about hourly.  If I eat that.. ugh what will I have to do to burn that?  If I eat that... what craving will it give me?  If I don't go to the gym how will it hinder my progress? It's NOT a diet.  It's an all fracking (yes I'm a Mom I say that instead um sometimes) in kinda deal! You either do it and go balls to wall or you sit back and go on your happy little "diet." There's no sugar coating.  It's not really fun, but its rewarding and an amazing ass challenge.  

Move more, eat better and make a change! I guarantee you you will NEVER look back and be pissed off you started a fitness journey and took it seriously.

Words of wisdom from the Mama on this Monday night!

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