Sunday, March 23, 2014

Did I Just Make You Hungry?

Thursday Morning Buddy Jog

I love my vacation/work/mommy break Thursdays, but I don't like the lack of movement myself and my fitbit get.

So I have started jogging with another twin mommy friend at 6 am, way to get those steps in people. 

I love my dress up Thursdays where I can get pretty and put on heels oh and size 4 yes FOUR pants! Eeeeekkkkk! Steps in and a non-mommy or workout outfit!

New Workout Clothes

One of the best feelings is New workout clothes and a kick ass workout in them. Oh yes and did I mention the pants and shirt cost me $16 total at the Gap and even bigger news... They are a size SMALL! Boom! Hard work pays off! 

Broke Into the 12s

I will reiterate yet again I am NOT a runner! Not at all! But I broke into the 12s on a 5:30 am run. I was so excited, perfect start to a Friday. 

Sunday Morning Workout

Got up today and was at the gym the minute they opened while the kids and Husband were still asleep. I was the first one there. If you would have told me a year a go that this is where I would be. I would have never believed you. 

Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction!

Owl Be Sweatin'

15% off! or on their Etsy site.

If you know me, you know that I am a workout headband girl.  I am always looking for new bands that hold my hair in place during some of my crazy work outs.

I came across this great company called Owl Be Sweatin' the difference between them and some others is that this band is adjustable.  It can fit any head big, small, or odd shaped.
Don't even get me started on the super cute print types.  Mallory and K.C. let me pick out a headband and I chose this one from the woven collection the print is called Mosaic Muse.  But holy moly they have TONS of cute prints.

Owl Be Sweatin' was started by two sister-in-laws in Cincinnati, they started making headbands because they were athletes who couldn't find any sports headbands that were both stylish and functional.
I am absolutely in love with my headband.  I wore it yesterday dressed up for my day and got tons of compliments on it.  Even Spawn 3 liked it and wanted to give me some bunny rabbit ears.
This morning I gave it the ultimate test at the gym and it did GREAT!  Not once did I have to adjust it and it stayed in place perfectly.  

The girls at Owl Be Sweatin' want to give you all a 15% off on your bands!  From now until April 12th use code "FITMAMA" on their website or etsy store.  I cannot wait to get another one, in fact I plan to use my code to do so.

I promise you will NOT be disappointed!  Happy sweatin'!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ruffles With Love

A big giant thank you to Vanessa at for sending me this amazing workout shirt to review.

This was a custom order, but she has so many cute shirts ready to go.

I am wearing a medium razor back. I asked for the bow to be on the side, but I realized it's a pin so I can easily remove it for washing or so put it on the razor back which would be super cute too!

I love my shirt, it's light weigh, but still a great quality fabric. I can't wait to get another one. 

Thank you Ruffles With Love and GO RAIDERS!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

And She Ran...

YES! That DID say RAN!  Ka-BOOM!  

Lets put one thing out there...I am NOT..I repeat NOT a runner.  In fact I have two horrible knees.  I mean seriously horrible.  In fact, wait hold on.. let me go remind Siri to remind me to make an appointment to finally get them suckas checked out.

Ok so here's the thing. Once upon a time around age 14 I ran and I loved it.  Not sure why, most likely it was to meet boys at the nearby elementary school, but to tell my Mom I was "running." (Hey now come on no judgement.) But I really did like it.  It didn't last long, but I do recall I sort of enjoyed it.

A few months ago I got a bug up my butt to try and jog a little on the treadmill.  I started slow, I mean turtle slow.  3 mph, bumped it to 3.5, added in a few minutes of 4 then a little 5.  I never really enjoyed it and the next day I was sore as hell.

But now my next mini goal is to sign up for a 5k, no biggie just a little color run or something.  So a couple weeks ago I started really pushing myself to get ready for that.  Really trying to last longer, make better time etc.  Then I did the unthinkable... I tried it outside.  So I was run-n-ning (yes that TOTALLY was a Forrest Gump voice) and I realized I really liked it.  Something clicked.  It was weird.  Like an "I enjoy this smile" came over my face. And some sort of motivational song was playing in the background and the world just felt right.  Ok ok I kid I kid.  But I suddenly felt strong and empowered. Bleck.. right?  Who likes to run?  Never me, I like to eat!

So fast forward to this morning, I woke up with some major motivation.  Not sure where it came from, but I will take it.  I got dressed, grabbed my pink beast (my polar heart rate monitor) took a shot of pre-work out and pumped up my jams.  

It was dark, a little chilly and quiet and I was ALONE.  Many won't understand the concept of alone.  I am NEVER alone.  I mean actually seriously NEVER minus Thursday car rides too and from work. This divine aloneness and this ability to just clear my mind in the dark sky and street lights was honestly... wait for it...... 


It felt amazing.  It was ME time.  Yes the gym is me time, but their are people every where then they come and get me and ask me to wipe a butt or someone turns their head when I accidentally start singing out loud. 

This was different.  This was peace.  OMG I am weird. Anyways this was my best time EVER!  Seriously not a runner or anything, but it's fun to challenge myself and it made for a fantastic start to my day.  

I did however, have a semi heart attack when my damn shadow popped out and scared the shit out of me as turned a corner.  Opppsss sorry to the people my scream woke up!  And NO Mom nobody ran me over, but thank you for your concern. Mwwwahh!

Stop and Give Me Thirty!

So my #stopandgivemethirty challenge is complete. This challenge was 30 work outs in 32 days. 

At the beginning I took a photo just to maybe humor myself later. I never really thought I would see a change nor did I ever really think I would post it. 

Well yo-fracking-lo! You ONLY live ONCE! If I can inspire even one person then here it is! If anything in this journey I'm learning to be me and comfy as me. No egg shells to tip toe on no veils to mask. Just me. Love it or hate it, you can't please them all.

So here's the thing (eeekk I say that a lot huh?) oh well #dealwithit Ok so here's the thing it wasn't a HUGE improvement. And if you are my husband you will say "well your feet look smaller." Thing is I SEE it! I feel it! And guess what? I did it! ME! I put my mind to it and I made those changes. Well along with some great women beside me as inspiration. 

Give yourself 30 days. Put your mind to it. I have no shame posting this, don't like it... Click on. But to anyone struggling. It takes time and work and support. But it WILL happen.

Happy Friday y'all! I have another exciting post I hope to get to today. Eeeeekk AND I have a promo code for some headbands for you all! Exciting things are on the horizon for this Mama! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Started From the Bottom

Around the time I started this journey I joined a gym, not my current gym but another.  One where I knew a lot of people and one in walking distance to where we lived.  I would seriously be lying if I said the main reason wasn't to take a shower.  This is some real fracking truth there people!  I had a 6 month old and two 2 year olds.  Showers were NOT in the cards most days.  So I gave it a try.

I will never forget my first visit to the gym.  I actually needed a double stroller and a front pack to get inside. Couple that with a gym bag and diaper bag and a 200 pound woman.  While I KNOW that no one was actually laughing at me I CLEARLY turned heads and wanted to hide in the corner or turn around and walk out.

I didn't do much while I was there because I was embarrassed.  I didn't know how to use many of the machines nor was my mind ready to go all in anyways.  I would often see some pretty tiny girls I went to high school with and I would walk to other way to not have to make conversation or see their pitty.

I didn't last long at the gym, the showers I wanted oh so bad were again YES embarrassing.  The towels they provided wouldn't wrap around me and the walk from the showers to the locker room was something I dreaded and would sometimes even get dressed partially in the shower just to avoid some of the embarrassment.

Point I am trying to make is that everyone has to start somewhere.  In order to walk in that gym I had to step out of my comfort zone.  That was my somewhere, but it didn't click that time.  I lasted about two months and was able to cancel my membership.  This is where my walk that never ended began.  Because I was so far out of my comfort zone I had to take a different approach. And I am happy with how it all came about.

Those months and months of walking with my boys would come to be some of the very best times in my life.  That was the first step to the many comfort zones I would begin to break out of.

I know none of you would actually laugh at someone at the gym, but maybe we should smile at them.  Don't stare or make them feel uncomfortable just smile because they broke out of their comfort zone to make that step to be there.

#truth from the Mama on this Tuesday morning cuddling in bed with my three sleeping babies.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pasta less pasta

So for the most part you will NOT see pasta on here.  That's because I am not a giant fan of pasta and it's loaded with carbs and calories.  

What you will find here is spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles OR these babies! Shiritaki noodles.  The are 20 calories for 4 oz. and only 3 carbs.  I know I have blogged about them before but I can't say it enough.  I seriously love them.  I have tried a few brands and all are pretty equal.  The run around $1.25 per package and they are found in the tofu section near the produce in your grocery store.  Only tip I will give is rinse rinse rinse rinse.  They are sort of stinky!  But soooooo good!

For the most part this is pretty self explanatory as ya'll know how to cook chicken but I am a fan of that Trader Joe seasoning and also those trader joe breadsticks which are only 35 calories each!

Where the Journey Really began...

I am sure I have mentioned it here before but my twins are IVF babies.  After a few years of trying naturally it was clear something wasn't right.  I was HUGE!  225 was my highest.  I was desperate for a baby and when it didn't happen I ate more and more and turned to food for comfort.  It was something out of my control and it killed me.

So over time I decided that losing weight was the next effort to try and help this journey along. And guess what? It was something I COULD control!  I couldn't force myself pregnant, but I sure as shit could stop what went in my mouth.  And if it meant a baby I would go through hell and back to make it happen.  So I joined Weight Watchers, this would have been January 2007.  It took a year almost exactly and I had lost 75 pounds.

It was around this time that a fellow infertile from from a message board told me about a trial IVF study testing out a new drug.  This study would allow for free fertility meds and an IVF cycle. My prayers were answered!  One of the qualifications for the study was to be at a healthy weight.  I quickly dropped a few more pounds and walked into my initial appointment in January of 2008 weighing 152 and feeling fabulous.  I knew that I lost this weight for a reason, I knew this was the adventure that would make me a Mom.

What I didn't know was that the next year would be the hardest of my life!  I wasn't naive, but I believe in signs and reasons.  And to me this just felt too perfect.  I could go on and about signs and rituals, but you will all think I am crazy so I will skip it.  The shots were a piece of cake!  I smiled each and every time because I knew within a month I would have a baby in my belly.  I was so certain this was going to work.  (I will spare the details, you can visit my other blog Miracles Come in Pairs for more info.)

Given how certain I was we had the nurse call my Husband with the results so that I could hear the results at home and not at work.  That drive home was the most exciting and longest drive ever.  I still remember the details, but as I turned onto my street my stomach sank.  I suddenly had a bad feeling.  Turning the door handle to get in the house seemed to take an eternity.  I found my Husband shaking his head and crying.  It was in that moment that I knew this was clearly both of our journeys and there was nothing that could stop us from continuing on. That moment will remain embedded in my head forever.

We chugged on and even had a natural miscarriage, a frozen cycle, another cycle again, until lucky number three!  The most perfect cycle in all the land which would make the most perfect miracle babies in all the land.  At 10 weeks I was released to my OB weighing 170.  Not horrible but not great.  I was enjoying eating and being happy.  At 20 weeks I had emergency surgery and was put on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy.  Thankfully other then a lot of weight gain the babies were born September 2009 mostly healthy.  I think I got up to about 230 the day of delivery.

Things got busy and my weight wasn't a huge issue and I was breastfeeding/pumping so it was coming off and I was so focused on them I didn't care about my weight. I stopped breastfeeding and some of it came back.  Fast forward December 2010... SURPRISE!  You can get pregnant!  Baby number three arrived August 2010.

Needless to say I was no longer 152 I was almost at 200 lbs.  January 4, 2012 my Husband went to a meeting to discuss him having gastic bypass surgery for himself.  I knew this day would be life changing for us both because I knew I had to be his support and I had to get my weight back under control too for my three little boys.  He walked in the meeting, saw the people and walked out.  I by no means think that is the easy or simple route and for some it is just the thing they need.  But he and we had a different plan!

We would do it on our own with the my fitness pal app!  He joined a gym and I began the walk that would never end.  My first goal was to lose 30 pounds by my 30th birthday.  I walked and walked and walked pushing a triple stroller day in and day out.

The rest is pretty much history.  With each goal I hit I made a new one.  That day will be the day my life changed.  I have had some bumps since then but for the most part that is the day I decided to put my health first.  Nothing will change until you fully commit to becoming healthy.  You can't go in just half way and YOU have to be ready for the change.  The best change you will ever make.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 19

On this amazing day I woke up and decided just going to the gym wouldn't be enough.  

I remember when we first moved into our house I thought that the Starbucks and gym seemed a little too far of a walk.  Fast forward to now and guess what I broke out of that comfort zone pulled out an old double stroller and put one of the twins on his bike.  Guess what?  120 calories (frack yes I wore my monitor) we walked to Starbucks where I had my go to Venti black unsweetened iced tea and then we hit up the gym.  

The workout went great as did the walk.  It went so well that we even went home and made a picnic and walked back to the park.  I am seriously loving trying new things and breaking out of my comfort zone.  Things I never thought I could do I am actually doing.  Like running!  Come on me... Running.  Like Forrest.  I still do a double take when I see how far I have come.  Oh and yes toot toot.  I can toot my horn. I worked for that toot!!!!!!

Day 20

Stop and give me thirty! (I'm sort of going backwards on these posts huh?) 

Day 21

Day 21 of my stop and give me thirty challenge. I was sort of proud of me today. I can feel me become stronger and being able to run longer. Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy some running and cardio but I honestly do. Someone pinch me!

Yes and Oh Well!

Yes I kicked ass at the gym today and yes I had fast food after.. Freaking gasp... Hisssss! Thing is I ran some errands let my babies get the kids meals with the board games in them and then my supportive husband split the grilled chicken sandwich and the apple pecan salad with me. It was amazing and full of yum-a-yum-a-ness. Only thing is I hate that they charge more for the healthy food. But all in all I love love love me some Wendy's salads! 


In honor of Man Crush Monday and the Oscars here's a little bit of Matthew McConaughey.  Alright, alright, alright!  His speech last night was truly inspiring and I am taking parts of that with me forever on my journey of life.

Carnitas tostada

Oh wait what?  The white girl ate mexican for the 3,782 time?  The beans are missing from the MFP log it was 1/4 of a serving which was 30 grams and 25 calories.

I cooked my one corn tortilla on a pan and crisped it up with some cooking spray.  This was seriously another keeper.  But of course the white girl would say that about anything with flavors and kick.

Life's a Bitch!

Nothing comes easy.  Sometimes you sit back and question every single little thing and over analyze way too much. No one said it would be easy, but it WILL be worth it!

It is NOT a Diet.

Definition of diet:


: to eat less food or to eat only particular kinds of food in order to lose weight : to be on a diet
This journey has done some amazing things for me.  I was queen of yo-yo and pills and things that could be a quick fix, but what I have come to realize is that shit can't solve your real problem.  I had to come full circle and give it my all!

What I had was an issue with sitting on my ass and eating delicious food.  There is no pill that will take that away.  I worked years to get fat and guess what... it sort of took me years to get un-fat too.  BUT what I did learn was that I can still eat amazing delicious food and that there is no such thing as a successful diet.  Only hard work and sacrifice, I had to learn this before I could be changed.

If you want to go on a diet go right ahead, but what you are saying is that it is temporary.  What you need is to look at your life completely different and live it differently in all sorts of aspects. It's NOT a temporary thing.  It's a forever thing!  Something you think about hourly.  If I eat that.. ugh what will I have to do to burn that?  If I eat that... what craving will it give me?  If I don't go to the gym how will it hinder my progress? It's NOT a diet.  It's an all fracking (yes I'm a Mom I say that instead um sometimes) in kinda deal! You either do it and go balls to wall or you sit back and go on your happy little "diet." There's no sugar coating.  It's not really fun, but its rewarding and an amazing ass challenge.  

Move more, eat better and make a change! I guarantee you you will NEVER look back and be pissed off you started a fitness journey and took it seriously.

Words of wisdom from the Mama on this Monday night!

Kicking Ass and Taking Names

This stop and give me thirty challenge has really changed the way I look at my workouts.  (thirty days of workouts at least 30 min each and only two rest days.)

Normally I fit my workouts in where I could and tried to go three times a week, but when you have this group of amazing women right there kicking major ass day in and out well then count me the heck in!

So here is what I actually accomplished via my fitbit.  And what's funny is my friend Jayme actually reminded me that spawn 3 threw my fitbit in the toilet (not funny) on Wednesday night and then Thursday I sat on my fat ass all day at work.  So really these stats are pretty rocking considering I lost a ton of steps from the two situations.

The Plan

Hi ya'll.  Lookie here an actual blog post.  Gaaassssp!!!! February ended up being a pretty big month for me. While my actual scale number #screwyouscale didn't budge much my body really has and that folks was my February goal.  To focus on changes in me not the scale. Goal... check! Boom!

So for March I decided to make some more goals and here they are.  As you see I am working on goal #1.  I have been busy busy taking pics of foods and my workouts but when it comes to actually taking the 5 minutes to sit at a computer and document it for myself and ya'll someone craps their diaper or a fight breaks out between the twins and I just never do it.  

To say I am busy is an understatement.  But I am hoping that changes going forward.  Just like I take the time to work out I want to take the time to focus on this blog too.  So I will be playing catch up soon with some of my February foods and some motivation.  Can't wait to share them all with you.

Happy Monday all!  Hey btw Mondays are a GREAT day to start something new.  Every good thing that has happened in your life happened because something changed.  Just sayin'!

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