Monday, March 5, 2012

Going Out to Eat

Going out to eat is NOT an easy task. It seems that no matter where you go there is some sort of temptation. Mexican, the chips. Italian, the bread or the salad with full fat dressing.

So the other night my husband had a band gig. Yes, he is the lead singer in a bad that is a local favorite. Anyways I was lucky enough to get to sneak out and see him. I watched a friends little boys earlier in the day for a few hours so we swapped and she took the twins in the evening.

I knew this was coming so I was careful and had some calories to spare that night. It just so happened to be a mexican restaurant and I knew that I needed to just give and count out one serving of chips and salsa. I may or may not have had two skinny margaritas as well!

When it came to ordering off the menu this was tricky. Most things included cheese, which of course I could take off, but also included sauces or things I really just couldn't determine. I almost went for a fajita salad which included a baked tortilla and smashed black beans (more on this another day, I make my own version of this), but the salad had an avocado vinagerette which again I make at home, but I know they use oil. So for the mere fact that I had no idea how to calculate this I HAD to skip it, also because left over salad is yucky and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat the whole thing. See something can seem low, but in reality it really isn't. Take Applebee's Santa Fe or Asian salad for instance, seems okay BUT NO! So when it comes to ordering at a non-chain restaurant you really need to be able to pick apart all the ingredients in the item.

I ended up choosing an avocado rellano and was NOT disappointed. I did only eat half, but I have leaned pretty much every place you go in order to keep your calories under control just eat half. If you really want a burger out, just eat half. This has been my motto many times.

So here is a run down on the rellano. I plan to make this at home as well as it was fresh, yummy, and makes me think of summer.

AVOCADO RELLENO – a large ripe Haas avocado, split and filled with roasted chicken ranchera – then topped with a green chile, two cheeses, and pico de gallo, served over black beans.

Upon reading the ingredients I knew that I could easily calculate this meal and that it would be safe by eating just half.

480 calories for half and extremely satisfying, filling, and tasty. Plus I had the other half for lunch the next day. At home I would omit the cheese or use reduced fat.

Sort of scary to think about how this could easily be a disaster. Scarf on the chips, eat the whole meal, have a couple regular margaritas and I would easily be at my daily calories in just one meal. Now I see how I got so fat.

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