Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eat Low

My twins are going to their first ever Birthday party where I was told I could drop them and come back in a couple hours. Uh Happy Birthday to ME! So while down two kids the Hubs and I hope to take in lunch out. He mentioned Applebee's low cal menu, but after the look I gave him he knew I was looking to splurge a little and maybe a place without a kiddie menu.

So to keep my options open I decided to keep my breakfast nice and low by using a 100 calorie Vitatop muffin. I love those suckers and today I had the banana chocolate chip. I get mine at Target, they are in the freezer section.

Nice filling breakfast for the low tag of only 132 calories! That gives me a couple hundred extra calories to use on lunch. Yum yum!

Down 22.2 pounds as of this mornings weigh in!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Portabella Mushroom Smokehouse Chicken

I love portabella mushrooms they are so hearty and flavorful. We scored some on sale and I decided to make a tasty chicken dish with them.

Normally I would do this dish with sauteed mushrooms in butter and garlic, but to scale it back we grilled the portabella with olive oil spray and some salt and pepper. We then grilled the 3 oz. chicken breast with 1 tbs. of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. I topped it with 3/4 oz. of lite swiss cheese and one slice of kirkland bacon. The old dish would include more bacon more sauce and full fat cheese, but this was just as tasty.

To make this dish fun for the kiddos and appealing to the eye we served it inside the mushroom cap. My kids love the chicken with melted cheese on it and were delighted to have some crispy bacon too.

Grand total = 234 calories

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Broccoli Change Up

So the last time we went to Costco I grabbed a giant bag of broccoli and decided to change it up a bit. While my fav still includes sliced broccoli with a melted slice of 45 calorie american cheese on it. This one was pretty tasty too.

I lined a roasting pan with foil, threw in my broccoli and topped it with some spray olive oil, garlic salt, and crushed red pepper flakes. With the oven at 400 I cooked it for 20 minutes and we couldn't keep our paws off it.

1 cup of this will cost ya just 30 calories and a great addition to a lunch or dinner.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Garlic Breadsticks

I am all about portion control and not eating things unless I am certain of their calorie content. These Trader Joe breadsticks are perfect for us because I know exactly their calorie content. 120 calories for each breadstick!

Why yes you can eat them plain with some spreadable cheese or butter. I love to spray them with a little butter, sprinkle them with garlic powder then toast them up in my toaster over. My kids go to town on these and they are always on my TJ's list.

120 calorie garlic breadsticks

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Coconut Banana Cream Pie

Last night my mission was to re-create some sort of satisfying pie for around 100 calories. Sounds impossible right?

Hunts Sugar Free Vanilla pudding - 60
1 tbs. of Light Whip Cream - 10
1/8 of a banana - 13
2 Trader Joe's Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins - 32


Insanely delicious and worth every bite. Next time I would have used 1/4 of a banana for an extra 13 calories.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Taco Bell Bean Burrito for Under 200 Calories

Remember when I said I like to take an item and try to make in lower in calories, well this is by far my favorite.

Who doesn't love Taco Bell? And honestly that is the one fast food restaurant that you really can get a filling meal and watch your calories, but more on that another time.

So today being Friday and a no meat day I decided today calls for a bean burrito and as always my boys love them too.

I used La Tortilla Factory's Smart & Delicious 100 calorie tortillas, if you haven't tried these you are missing out. We use them all the time especially for wraps.

I will only use Rosarita fat free refried beans mainly because the taste is better than generic, but also because they are lower in calories than most. To the beans I diced up some white onion and heated them up. I used 1/4 cup of the beans for just 50 calories. I then topped them with 1/2 oz. of reduced fat shredded cheddar and two taco bell mild sauce packets.

Grand total for this = 194 calories!
That is a savings of 176 calories, almost HALF the calories of the original and just as yummy! I often add a verde sauce packet too just for a little more zing. Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Burning Calories with my Crazy Boys

So in our neck of the woods it has been raining and the forcast shows this for many days to come. Normally my boys and I load up the triple stroller and walk about an hour each day. Walking pushing a beast of a stroller usually earns me a nice chunk of cardio calories (which I normally don't use I might add.)

Well you obviously won't find me walking for an hour in the rain so this is when we switch of the routine. Cardio in the living room! Yes I blast the dance music and off we go dancing around the house, doing jumping jacks, sit ups, you name it, but mostly funny dances. Not only is this helping me, but them too! They burn energy and I pick them up and dance and swing them around until we are all laughing so hard that that too is burning us some more calories.

Other days I do actually turn on a work out routine on the TV and they try to copy me. Either way we have a ball, wear them out, and get our cardio in!

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How About a 41 Calorie Snack?

YES I said 41 calories and super satisfying!

Coco Foods makes these 16 calorie pop cakes that are quite tasty. All natural, multi grain, no preservatives, no cholesterol, and YUMMY! I found them at Whole Foods for around $3.

I topped mine with 1 oz. of Whole Foods low fat hummus for 25 calories, but you could top them with anything.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Pound

Logged in my weight today and down one more pound, I will take it! I wish it was more, but it's hard to complain since I am down 19 pounds in 70 days and when you think about it this way. So 11 more to go in 11 weeks. If I lose one pound a week from here on out I will be at my 30 by 30 goal just in time. Especially with my new low cal snack finds.

Egg Muffin

I don't know about your kids, but my kids are more likely to eat ANYTHING in a cupcake wrapper.

For these little buggers I used 1/2 cup of egg substitute, half an ounce of reduced fat cheddar cheese, and whatever veggies I could find in the fridge.

This made 4 muffins which makes them just 33 calories each!

Be sure to spray the muffin wrappers with non-stick spray because eggs are sticky little suckers. You could also just make them directly in the muffin tin if you wish, but my kids LOVE the wrappers.

Mine took about 12 minutes at 375 degrees. The possibilities are endless on this, next time I think I will add some ham or bacon. ENJOY!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Salmon Burger

While out and about walking with the kiddos we hit up my fav store, Trader Joe's!

I bought all our normal staples then happened upon some salmon burgers for 110 calories in the frozen section and snagged them.

The burgers had a few options for cooking, I opted for the toaster oven. The box came with 4 burgers for $5.99. Two of the patties were frozen together so popped the two in the oven and began my hunt for toppings.

BINGO, spotted TJ's dill and jalapeno tarter sauce in my fridge and hoped the calories weren't too bad. 90 cals for 2 tbs, SOLD!

Next up was the bun. Recently I found these amazing hamburger buns made by Alvarado Street Bakery. They are 140 calories for one bun and well worth the extra 40 calories to have a real bun over a skinny sandwich thin somedays. This bakery is VERY local to us, although if you check out the website it seems you can find their products all over. I got mine at Whole Foods. I have yet to try any of their other products, but I am sure I wouldn't be dissapointed.

I toasted up the bun and smothered each side with 1 tbs. of the tarter sauce then topped it with lettuce, tomato, and onion. I paired it with 1/2 a serving of baked BBQ kettle chips for 60 calories.

Grand total for this meal was 416 calories and worth every single one. I am adding this sandwich to the very top of my list. Today for lunch I will crumble the other salmon burger over a greek salad and my freezer will never be without Trader Joe's salmon burgers.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Snack Time!

I am NOT a huge snacker because lets face it I don't really have time to snack. I usually grab a piece of fruit, carrot sticks, banana peppers, a pickle or sometimes 100 calorie packs.

Once I stumbled upon this find I KNEW it would be a staple in our house.
Suzie's Think healthy little whole grain snack cakes are AMAZING! They taste similar to a rice cake, but thinner, crispier and more satisfying. They come on different flavors, but I like the plain. You get three cakes for 38 calories!

For the kids or even myself sometimes I top them with peanut butter. But my favorite is flavored laughing cow cheese for 35 calories. Today I used the Mozzerella Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil. I also love the blue cheese flavor. The things you could top these little beauties with is endless. I scored the thins at Whole Food for $2.99 and the Laughing Cow you can find pretty much anywhere, but mine came from Lucky's.


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Low Cal Wedge Salad

1 Cup Iceberg lettuce - 10
5 slices of tomatoes - 4
1 tbsp Oscar Mayer real bacon pieces - 25
2 tbsp Wishbone Fat Free Blue Cheese - 30
1 tsp green onion - 2

Grand Total - 71 calories

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Favorite Yogurt

My new favorite yogurt is Greek Yogurt. Yes, yes jumping on the bandwagon! It's so thick, rich, filling, and creamy. Plus more protein, the littles of course love it too.

I find the Voskos non-fat at Whole Foods and today I tried the honey flavor. The whole container will cost ya 120 calories, which is worth it believe me, but today I opted for just half or 2.7 oz. for 60.

Today I wanted waffles, I know I have mentioned these before, but Eggo now makes Low Fat Nutri-Grain two waffles for 140. I topped those with one strawberry and 1/8 C of sugar free syrup. Costing me ONLY 221 calories for my whole breakfast. I might have added a piece of bacon had it not been Friday, but no meat for us today.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick and Healthy

In a hurry and for a hearty breakfast? I grab oatmeal. In fact often times I even bring the packet with me to work. I love oatmeal, so do the little stinkers.

I discovered this Trader Joe's instant oatmeal with flaxseed and it is now a staple in our house. There is evidence that flaxseed may reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. So why not add it in when you can?

This little instant oatmeal packet will run ya 150 calories. I top mine with 12 calories of strawberries or blueberries. You could even add a little vanilla yogurt as well.

162 Calories

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Loaded Bagel

One of my favorite things to do is take one of my favorites meals and make it nice and low and calorie friendly.

My Cousin owns a little cafe and my favorite treat there for breakfast is the veggie bagel. A fluffy bagel covered in cream cheese topped with red onion, avocado, and tomato. Sounds somewhat healthy, but NO the average bagel with cream cheese is over 300 calories add in some avocado and you are over 400.

So in a quest to make this a suitable breakfast for me I used an everything bagel thin, 1 tbs of onion and chive light cream cheese, and just .5 ounce of avocado. As a tribute to my Sister In Law I added in a piece of Kirkland bacon for 40 calories. She always orders a veggie bagel with bacon and she is right that is super yummy, but clearly no longer a veggie bagel. hehehe.

So there you have it, a loaded veggie bagel with bacon for 215 calories.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Little Set Back

So this weekend we had a couple set backs. Friday night we had an invite to another couples house for dinner where the meal included tri-tip, creamy buttery mashed potatoes, cheesy garlic bread, and roasted veggies.

I tried my best to eat mostly the veggies, but still had to take and eat a little of everything to not seem rude and boy was the bread yummy. Pair that with some wine and forget it, the night was shot. On the upside I was to bring the dessert and of course made it calorie friendly.

Saturday we did well, but then Sunday we went to the beach where I indulged in half a deli sandwich and some Cool Ranch Doritos. This is by far one of my favorite meals and at the beach it just couldn't be skipped. So the day was already pretty bad with the sandwich, but NO we then opted for some deep dish pizza on our way home. Not just any pizza, but thick cheesy amazingness. Normally I would have two and I planned to have just one, but the night ended in the middle at 1.5 slices. I opted NOT to weigh myself yesterday, but stepped on today for only .4 loss for the week bringing me to 17 total. I guess it could have been way worse and been a gain so I will take it.

Low Calorie Strawberry Shortcake - 122 calories each
Dessert cup - 90
Light whipped cream 2 tbs - 20
1/4 C strawberries - 12

Taco Night

Yet another low calorie kid friendly meal. We love taco night in our house and love that we can make it so low cal. The kids like to pick out what they want on theirs and often times we have black olives for them and sometimes even mix some refried beans with the meat so they get some fiber.

This day we used ground turkey with taco seasoning. I of course bought the lowest calorie taco shells and cheese I could find. The full 1/3 of a C of cheese was too much so we used just half of that.

I was off with one of the twins at a 4:30 doctor appt for an ear infection so I must give credit to my better half for the prep on this one.

Grand total for three tacos = 411 calories

Monday, March 5, 2012

Funny but True!

Going Out to Eat

Going out to eat is NOT an easy task. It seems that no matter where you go there is some sort of temptation. Mexican, the chips. Italian, the bread or the salad with full fat dressing.

So the other night my husband had a band gig. Yes, he is the lead singer in a bad that is a local favorite. Anyways I was lucky enough to get to sneak out and see him. I watched a friends little boys earlier in the day for a few hours so we swapped and she took the twins in the evening.

I knew this was coming so I was careful and had some calories to spare that night. It just so happened to be a mexican restaurant and I knew that I needed to just give and count out one serving of chips and salsa. I may or may not have had two skinny margaritas as well!

When it came to ordering off the menu this was tricky. Most things included cheese, which of course I could take off, but also included sauces or things I really just couldn't determine. I almost went for a fajita salad which included a baked tortilla and smashed black beans (more on this another day, I make my own version of this), but the salad had an avocado vinagerette which again I make at home, but I know they use oil. So for the mere fact that I had no idea how to calculate this I HAD to skip it, also because left over salad is yucky and I knew I wouldn't be able to eat the whole thing. See something can seem low, but in reality it really isn't. Take Applebee's Santa Fe or Asian salad for instance, seems okay BUT NO! So when it comes to ordering at a non-chain restaurant you really need to be able to pick apart all the ingredients in the item.

I ended up choosing an avocado rellano and was NOT disappointed. I did only eat half, but I have leaned pretty much every place you go in order to keep your calories under control just eat half. If you really want a burger out, just eat half. This has been my motto many times.

So here is a run down on the rellano. I plan to make this at home as well as it was fresh, yummy, and makes me think of summer.

AVOCADO RELLENO – a large ripe Haas avocado, split and filled with roasted chicken ranchera – then topped with a green chile, two cheeses, and pico de gallo, served over black beans.

Upon reading the ingredients I knew that I could easily calculate this meal and that it would be safe by eating just half.

480 calories for half and extremely satisfying, filling, and tasty. Plus I had the other half for lunch the next day. At home I would omit the cheese or use reduced fat.

Sort of scary to think about how this could easily be a disaster. Scarf on the chips, eat the whole meal, have a couple regular margaritas and I would easily be at my daily calories in just one meal. Now I see how I got so fat.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Satisfying Breakfast for Half the Calories

This morning we felt like a hearty breakfast, something from the old days.

We found these yummy biscuits for 50 calories each then realized this packet of white gravy was just 45 calories for 1/4 cup. The Honey was the chef this morning and he doctored up the 4 oz. of potatoes with onions, seasonings and spray olive oil.

All of this for just 315 calories!!! So full and so satisfying.

Friday, March 2, 2012


I have to give some credit to my MIL on this one, she is the first to introduced me to the Kernel Seasons cheddar popcorn flavor. You can't go wrong with 100 calorie popcorn as a snack and adding flavors helps to change it up. My kids love the kettle corn flavor and the Husband likes the chili lime which is why it's not in the picture, because it's gone. He also uses that flavor on cucumber for a super low in calorie snack.

The majority of the flavors are around 8 calories per teaspoon.

We bought ours online and at Wal-Mart.

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